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Exciting News

Direct Response have some exciting news…. We are going paperless!

Here at Direct response, we want to ensure we are keeping ahead with technology and also supporting the environment by reducing are paper usage. We want to ensure our candidates also have a smooth and easy registration process which is why we are launching a new online registration form.

You will be able to access the registration form from either your laptop, tablet or phone and will electronically complete and fill in our registration form for both temporary and permanent work.

As a responsible recruiter we would still require you to meet with us face to face to check right to work documents, however with our new registration process we will ensure a quick and easy process.

If you are actively looking for work and would like to register, then please give us a call and we would be delighted to assist you in your job hunt!

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Fair and Equal Opportunity and Treatment!

The Direct Response team were busy on another training course yesterday presented by the responsible recruitment toolkit covering Fair and Equal Opportunity and treatment in the workplace and recruitment process.

Here at Direct Response, its important to make sure we remain compliant and that we are regularly updating our skills and knowledge to ensure we offer a fair recruitment process and equal opportunities for all.

Well done team and Thank you RRT, we look forward to the next training session.

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Responsible Recruitment Toolkit

Responsible Recruitment Toolkit is a not-for-profit, global programme whose mission is to drive ethical and professional recruitment and labour supply that is good for workers, recruiters and clients.

Direct Response Employment Services is one of seven companies in the country to achieve RRT Business Partner status. This means we have uploaded evidence to publicly demonstrate our commitment to responsible recruitment.

You could become the next business partner to find out more about RRT and how your company could be the next business partner please follow this link.

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On behalf of the team at Direct Response Employment Services, we want to congratulate 11 local candidates who have been in a temporary role for 3 months and have been offered permanent roles on Monday.  This is not only a fantastic opportunity for them, but how encouraging during times like this, that we are able to celebrate growth in a local company too.  Great achievement for all involved!

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Preventing Illegal Working

We have been busy in the office today with the team completing their RRT training on preventing illegal working, keeping up to date and to ensure we are at the top of our game with compliance.

It ensures we are fully up together with the correct right to work checks and ensuring we know how to spot fraudulent documentation as well as ensuring we know what routes workers can take, understating the EU settlement scheme and work permits.

If you are unsure and want to have a chat with us about responsible recruitment and ensuring you are doing the right checks on your employees, please give us a call for a chat.