Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement


As a labour provider, we are on the front line of combating modern slavery.  Direct Response Employment Services is committed to doing everything within its power to stop slavery and human trafficking in our business and in our supply chains.

Direct Response Employment Services has always striven to operate with the highest standards of ethics and responsibility and our approach to stopping modern slavery reflects that.

We are proud of the steps that we have taken to combat slavery and human trafficking, which are set out in more detail below.

Company Structure

Direct Response Employment Services is a a labour provider operating predominantly in the industrial and driving hospitality and commercial sectors,  

Slavery and Human Trafficking in our Business

In tackling slavery and human trafficking in our business we seek to follow these steps:

1. Identifying areas of risk within our business and supply chain
2. Taking steps to mitigate those risks
3. Monitoring the ongoing effectiveness of our risk prevention
4. Protecting and encouraging whistle-blowers

Slavery and Human trafficking in our Temporary Workforce

As a provider of labour it is vital that we take steps to ensure that all temporary staff are protected from slavery and human trafficking.  Whilst we recognise that no business is immune to the risks of modern slavery, we believe that having a robust series of processes is crucial to minimising the risk to our temporary staff.  Our commitment to tackling slavery and human trafficking runs through all of our business, but the following are the key processes we have implemented to detect and prevent modern slavery within our workforce.

Recruitment of Temporary Workers

  • All applicants who register for work with Direct Response Employment Services must do so in person at our office.
  • All applicants are interviewed face to face and any documentation is completed in sight of our trained staff.
  • All Application Forms include questions and information relating to modern slavery.
  • Our staff are trained in spotting signs of modern slavery and in providing a safe environment for temporary staff to come forward with their concerns.
  • All workers are provided with a handout materials containing contact information for confidential support and resources about slavery and human trafficking

Payment of Temporary Workers

  • Payslips can be accessed online
  • Temporary workers are paid by BACS into their own bank account or that of their partner.

Shared Bank Accounts and Addresses

We do not allow our temporary workers to share the same bank accounts and check addresses with other temporary workers on our payroll.  Each case is individually investigated personnel who will question the temporary workers in order to establish the reasons behind the shared addresses. 

Supplier Compliance.

We have zero tolerance to slavery and human trafficking within our supply chain.  To ensure that all of our clients comply with our values we insist that our contracts incorporate a requirement to prevent and stop modern slavery.

We recognise that it is our clients who are best placed to spot the signs of modern slavery on a day to day basis and so we provide our clients with materials to assist them in spotting modern slavery.


We believe that training is a fundamental tool in the fight against modern slavery. To ensure that all of our staff are aware of the risks involved.