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Labour Market Statistics July 22

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3.8% or 1.29 million people were unemployed, a decrease from the previous quarter.

Record level of employment at 75.9%

8.7 million people are economically inactive, down 144.000 from the last quarter

Unemployment levels among young people remain high but have decreased to below pre- pandemic levels and decreased in the quarter (16-17 =21.3%/ 18-24 =9.1%

Vacancies continue to increase – up to 6,900 tp 1,294against the previous quarter and an increase of 498,000 from pre-pandemic.

Early estimates indicate 29.6 million payrolled employees in June, a rise of 874,000 people over the last 12 months and well above the pre-pandemic level.

Redundancies decreased slightly to a record low of 1.8 per thousand employees