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Have you had your National Minimum Wage increases from your partnered agency?

With the National and living wage set to increase on the 1st of April 2024, recruitment agencies are currently in the process of re-visiting costings to reflect the increase in pay to workers.

So, have you had your new prices through and were they what you were expecting?

With the living wage increasing by a significant amount of £1.02, this is the biggest jump we have witnessed in history so now more then ever is the time to sit down and discuss what you are paying for and the service you receive from your current agency.

Price is very much an important factor when it comes looking at agencies, but having the cheapest charge rate does not always guarantee you are getting the best service and productivity for your money.

Full Transparency on Rates:

Here at Direct Response, we pride ourselves on giving complete transparency on our costs, providing each of our clients a complete break down so you can see exactly what you are paying for.

Often when using agency workers, you have to not just think of the pay to the workers but the additional costs on top including national and pension contributions, holiday pay, sickness pay and the profit and overheads of the agency.

Direct Response can provide you with a full break down on costs, using the Association of Labour providers calculator which means we are transparent, clear, fair and remain compliant as an agency.

A Great Service:

We pride ourselves on offering a great service to both our clients and candidates, we ensure temporary workers receive the right pay for the work they do, including holiday, sickness, and pension contributions.

We value our clients and work hard in getting to know their business, to us it is not just filling a position, we want to ensure we find the right person for the business providing you with the best productivity of temporary workers with a great service.

Next Steps:

 So maybe now is the time to think about your temporary workforce, if you would like to have a friendly chat or curious to see some breakdown in rates, then get in touch we would love to talk to you.