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Furlough Scheme ends

Furlough is ending… so what now?

The Furlough scheme has undoubtedly been a lifeline for companies and employees during the Covid pandemic and has helped protect millions of jobs when companies were forced to shut, and companies took a financial hit.

With Furlough now in its final week and the scheme coming to an end on 30th of September and surprisingly still over a million employees still on furlough, most companies would have made a decision as to if they are bringing employees back into work or making redundancies.

I do hope most of these employees will be bought back into work, but it is fair to say there will be a lot of redundancies taking place, so where does that leave you if you are left facing redundancy.

I am facing redundancy, what should my next steps be?

If you are facing redundancy, it is important that you look at what you can apply for that will help financially during these times, we know it may not be as much as you were earning being employed but every little helps during this difficult time.

After losing your job, the main benefit, you would be entitled to job seekers allowance and it is important you apply for this straight away as it can often take a couple of weeks to process your application.

Job seekers allowance also know as JSA entitles that person to a sum that currently stands at £59.20 per week and £74.70 per week for anyone aged over 25.

This is normally paid on a fortnightly basis, and you may need to attend jobcentre appointments as part of the process.

You may also be entitled to additional benefits such as help with housing costs so it is worth checking out what you may be entitled to, we have included some sites below which may help.

Benefit Calculator –

Citizen’s advice can also assist with money related matters and can offer free advice and guides.

There is some positive news on the horizon…

The job market is booming right now, and companies are crying out for staff so even though you may feel you are facing a difficult time following redundancy, it is a great time to be job hunting with so many companies hiring.