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Labour Market overview

  • 4% or 1.37 million people were unemployed; an increase of 77,000 on the quarter and just 6,000 up on pre-pandemic numbers
  • Employment rate increased slightly to 76%
  • 8.66 million people are economically inactive, 141,000 lower than the last quarter driven by those aged 25 and over
  • Economically inactive is still 281,000 higher than pre-pandemic levels, largely driven bybstudents and the long-term sick
  • Vacancies fell again to 1.03 million, the 12th consecutive quarterly fall
  • The estimate of payrolled employees for June 2023 shows a monthly decrease, down 9,000 on the revised May figure to 30 million, but a staggering 1.027 million up on pre-pandemic levels
  • Growth in total pay rose to 6.9% and regular pay was 7.3% and both fell in real terms by 1.2% and 0.8% respectively
  • Redundancies remained at 3.3 per thousand employees, lower than pre-pandemic levels