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The Recruitment Struggle

It has been reported today with surveying of businesses across the UK that a whooping 76% of UK companies are struggling to hire new staff.

Recruitment being a hot topic in the news at the moment with 3 in 4 companies struggling to recruit and retain staff which is a massive number and with the market still being candidate led, what can companies do to attract and retain staff.

Years back candidates went where the money was but now we are finding although having a great salary and benefits, company culture is what is important, staff stay or go where they feel most valued and respected.

So what can you implement in your business to ensure you attract and train your staff?


Culture is everything and ensuring staff feel happy, valued and respected within the business and amongst colleagues is key, so what can you do to ensure your staff are happy within the work place. Having open door policies, staff want to be able to address and raise concerns without feeling penalised, likewise they want to ensure they can share ideas and thoughts openly and feel they are being listened too. Offering staff flexibility, work life balance and not to feel micro managed. Having team events / team building exercise and most importantly, have a work hard play hard culture, get the job done but ensure staff can laugh and enjoy along the way.

Salary and Benefits:

Of course this one will be up there in key ways to attract and retain staff and its a pretty simple one to navigate, having an attractive salary within a job role of course will attract candidates to the role. Go above the average for that role, pay staff their value along with additional incentives such as increased holiday entitlement, discounted perks, life style benefits, bonuses and ensure these are regularly reviewed. You will be surprised the return you will get from an employee when you pay they what they deserve with additional incentives.

The Recruitment Process:

So you have had a lot of candidates apply for the job role, don’t wait around to short list as good candidates won’t stay on the market for long, so get interviews lined up in your diary. There is nothing worst to candidates than a lengthy and drawn out recruitment process, if you are taking a long time to get back to candidates or having a extremely long interview process such as multiple interviews / tests and so on, it can put candidates off. a one or two stage interview process we thinks works well in keeping candidates engaged, anything longer than this, you may risk loosing candidates interest.

If you want to have a chat with one of our friendly consultants who can work with you in offering advice on ways to improve candidate attraction and retention then get in touch today.