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Say ‘Yes’ to Job Hunting in December

Job hunting in Wiltshire

With Christmas fast approaching with just three weeks left, you may not have thought of job hunting in December. 

Many people think December is the worst time of the year to look for a job, as companies slow down and can take a little bit longer than usually to get back to you regarding your job application, interviews or offers.  Also, candidates are often found winding down for Christmas and pledging to find a new job come January.

However, this provides a big opportunity for job seekers, who want to secure a new position before the New Year. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider looking for a job in the exciting month of December and not wait till January.

  1. CompetitionAs mentioned above, people don’t tend to look for a new job in December, so if you’re looking for your new job in December, you’re up against less competition.  While everyone else waits to start their job search in January, start your job hunt now. Fewer applicants mean more chance of your CV being noticed and a quicker hiring process.
  2. Start work in JanuaryJanuary is often a very busy time of year for many companies and so managers may struggle to fit in interviews and training of new staff members promptly.The end of the year, especially just before the holiday period, can often be calmer in terms of workload, making it easier for teams to consider their recruitment for the year ahead. This makes it an ideal time for you to get in touch with companies and to start applying for jobs.  Ignore the myth that hiring managers are not looking for candidates at the end of the year.
  3. Evidence of Determination

When looking for a job in December, you will impress recruiters with your determination. It’s easy to take December slow, but if you are one of those who doesn’t lose motivation and stays proactive, that will definitely shine through.

The holidays are a great time to take a break—and many do. But, if you want to stand out in your job search, you may want to consider being more active than most people and keep pushing your job search forward. Now is the time.