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How to make a temporary job a permanent one

Make a temp job a permanent one in Wiltshire

Temporary employment has seen quite an increase in the last couple of years. Employers in various industries are hiring temp workers to fill positions for a few days, weeks or months at a time. Businesses are using recruitment agencies to help them when the demand for staff is higher (holiday, sickness or peak periods cover) or when they need someone with a specific skill set. It gives them the flexibility as to when and for how long they need the temporary workers for. 

Temporary assignments have plenty of benefits too – they offer a great way to develop your current skills, supplement your income while looking for a different position, gain experience in a completely new field or fill in the gap between other endeavours without committing to a permanent contract.

So, how exactly do you turn a temporary job into a permanent one?

  1. Reliability at 110%One of the most important attributes employers are looking for is reliability.Approach your placement as if you are a permanent employee by keeping the standard of your work and enthusiasm levels high. Make sure you arrive on time, do the tasks to the best of your ability and show that you can be trusted. This will boost up your chances when the opportunity for a permanent position arises.
  2. Build relationshipsBecoming a familiar face is part of any role, but particularly important when you are looking for a new role. Building and maintaining relationships with everyone you interact with can pay off in the long run, as well as give you an insight into company movements.As a temporary worker make sure you observe the environment and develop understanding of company rules and policies. Your colleagues can help you settle in, make you feel more comfortable and answer some of your questions. 
  3. Make yourself clear 

If you’re interested in a permanent position, speak with your consultant in a recruitment agency. They may already be aware that the company is recruiting for permanent staff and they would be happy to put your forward for the position.

Second person to speak to would be your manager or supervisor. If you’re working on temporary basis your manager may not realise that you would like to join the company on full-time, permanent basis. Make sure your boss knows how happy you are to be working here, and that you’d be open to making this a longer-term opportunity.

Be cautious, though, of asking for the world too early or too often, as this may place a strain on your working relationship. Patience is the key!

Take control and start turning yourself into the employee they won’t be able to survive without. By asking for extra responsibilities at work, after all if your boss will need to re-train other staff to fill your role once your contract ends they may consider offering you a longer term position instead.

There may not be a possibility for you to become a permanent member straight away, but stay positive and patient.