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3 ways a Recruitment Agency can support your business!

3 Ways a Recruitment Agency can support your business.

When it comes to recruitment and hiring it can often become a stressful and time-consuming process with some businesses not knowing where to start or simply not having enough time to sift through applications, arrange interviews and ultimately find the right person for the job.

This is where an agency comes in, an agency will work with you in finding out exactly what you need in terms of candidate skills, experience and personality fit. Taking the stress away from the recruitment process and freeing up your time to focus on your business.

Here are just 3 ways a recruitment agency can add value to your business.

Candidate Attraction – giving you access to a higher pool of candidates.

Direct Response will manage the whole process on attracting candidates for your job role. We will create an eye-catching job description, showcase what you have to offer and advertise these across a wide range of job boards and social media channels ensuring your job is seen by those looking for new opportunities.

At Direct Response we all have established a large database of candidates over the years meaning we have access to candidates who may not be active on the job market but could have the skills you are looking for, giving us a greater pool of candidates to approach on your behalf.

We Manage the process for you.

Having to sift through a large number of applications can be time consuming, but here at Direct Response we will handle all that for you. We will manage all applications and short list candidates who are suitable for the role. We will pre-screen all candidates, discussing the role in detail, salary expectations and so on before sending all suitable candidates over to you attached with a CV and profile detailing their suitability for the role.

Once you have selected which candidates you would like to interview, we will manage the interview process for you, scheduling and assisting with the all-important interviews.

Offer, Rejection and Negotiation.

So, you have found a candidate you would love to join your business and its time to make an offer, we will support your business in making that all important job offer.

Direct Response will assist with the whole offer, negotiating salary, carrying out references checks and supporting with the onboarding process of your new recruit.

We will also ensure any candidates you have been declined during your recruitment process   are informed within a polite manner so you can concentrate on what you do best within your company.

If you would like to find out more about how Direct Response can support your business, then get in touch with us today to see how we can help.