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What to look for in a CV

Looking through CV’s and applications can be time consuming and a lengthy process which is why a lot of companies when recruiting opt to use a recruitment agency who can manage applications and handle the recruitment process for you, saving you a lot of time in the long run. 

However, if you are finding yourself having to spend time looking through application and CV’s it is important to ensure you do not rush as you would not want to miss any suitable candidates for the role. 

Take time to review candidate’s CV’s, focusing on grammar or spelling is not essential and I think we can all be guilty of the odd spelling mistake so try not to read to much into these minor errors but focus more on their experience and skill set for the role.  

Any candidates who are not suitable, make sure you go back to them politely to give feedback on why they are not successful to ensure a positive experience with candidates through your recruitment process. 

It is also to remember that CV’s are only a snip it of the candidate’s skills and experience and can not always tell you if that candidate is right or not, so bare this in mind when selecting CV’s and if you are unsure, having a brief telephone chat with the candidate may help.