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Job Advertising Tips

Job advertising tips in Wiltshire

A Job Description and a Job Advert often get mistaken as being the same but they are different in many ways, with a job description showing the duties and responsibilities of the job role whereas a Job Advert should focus on attracting candidates with the right skills and experience to that job and your company. 

It is important to ensure your Job advert includes the below. 

  • Key Responsibilities and Duties: 

You want to ensure you give an overview of the job duties so bullet points of the key day to day duties of the role is a must as a minimum. Remember you don’t want the advert to be to long but its important to let candidates know what the job entails so they conclude if it’s the right position for them and to ensure you are attracting the right skill set for the role. 

  • Overview / Introduction of the company:

Giving a brief overview of your company gives candidates a real insight into what it may be like working for you so include some general information about what the company do, include any information on any plans to expand or maybe how-to company has won awards for being a good company to work for etc. Let candidates know what a positive and great place your company is to work at and a feel for the working environment. 

  • Salary: 

You are more likely to attract more candidates by advertising the salary, on a recent survey 76% of job seekers missed applying for a job role due to the advert not detailing salary information. 

  • Benefits and Hours: 

Include information on the hours needed to work for the role, any flexibility in hours or remote working, holiday information and any other benefits such as discounts, Perks, cash back health plans or insurance. This may seem trivial, but benefits play a crucial part in candidates deciding whether the company is right for them or not. 

It is also important to ensure you include any information about development and career progression opportunities and ensure grammar and spelling are checked before posting.