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Benefits of Remote Working.

The Benefits of recruiting remotely. 

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is how much companies have had to adapt to a new way of working with the majority of companies having to opt for remote working. 

This was a change which a lot of employers and employees had to adapt to quickly and luckily for most it was a smooth process where we all adapted successfully. 

Although I myself have missed the social element that working in the office brings, remote working has proved successful and is increasing in popularity, so we have asked ourself, what are the benefits of working remotely and how do we go about recruiting remote employees. 

Remote working Benefits: 

Remote working has many benefits both to employers and employees and we have listed just a few of the top benefits below. 

  1. Attract a bigger pool of candidates.
  2. Remove Geographical barriers, being able to attract candidates nationally and globally. 
  3. Reduce Cost in the office such as utilising a smaller office space. 

Following a survey this year, 54% of workers would be willing to quite their jobs for one that offers remote working. 

Attracting the best talent. 

With any job advert it is important you make your advert stand out and provide as much information as you can, this way candidates applying have a good understanding if they meets your requirements  and would be a good fit on the get go. 

  1. Include a company brief about your company, what you do and your values and missions. 
  2. Job title that communicates the key role of the positions. 
  3. Key responsibilities for the role. 
  4. Required experience, education, and qualifications for the role. 
  5. Include key works in your advert to attract the right audience. 
  6. Salary ensure you include the salary and any benefits relation to the job and working hours. 

Based on a recent survey, a job advert which includes salary details gets 75% more views than ones that have no salary information. 

The Interview: 

Interviewing is an important aspect of recruiting and gives you and the candidate a good chance to get to know each other and to work out if it is the right fit, which is why it is so important to get interviews right especially now when video interviewing is now the norm. 

  1. Ensure you are in a quite place to carry out a virtual interview where you will not be interrupted. 
  2. Check Equipment prior to the video interview, check cameras are working and that your internet connection is in good working order. 
  3. Prepare interview questions in advance of the interview. 
  4. Make the employee that will be working with the candidate apart of the recruitment process. 
  5. Set a time limit for the interview, it is easy to get carried away especially on video call so ensuring you have a set time sets good expectations. 

82% of candidates who have had a negative or unprepared interview with a company can change their mind on the role and withdraw from the process, so you need to ensure you prepare as much as you would with face to face interviews and be engaging. 

Communication is Key: 

So you have found your new remote employee which is great but this means you need to ramp up on your communication with the candidate to ensure a smooth run throughout any notice period so they are all set for their intended start date. 

  1. Check in with the employee regularly to see how they are doing through their notice period via a range of channels such as phone, text message, emails, and social media. 
  2. Ensure the candidate is set up prior to their start with an email account, any log in details and with any equipment they may need. 
  3. Being remote often means you can sometimes feel you are not a part of team so to encourage you new employee send a card through the post welcoming them or have a quick video call with the team to introduce them. 

The main tip employers need to ensure when you have remote staff is communication and engagement if you are getting this right then you can guarantee a smooth and enjoyable relationship and really gain from the benefits of offering remote work.