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A Candidate Rich Market!

A Candidate Rich Market: 

For the last few years, it has very much been a candidate led market, with skills shortages across the UK and skilled candidates having the option to pick and choose, often more than 1 job offer on the table. 

Recruitment agencies have been relied on heavily to utilise on their knowledge, experience, database and sourcing techniques to assist companies through their hiring process, it is not only invaluable tool to be partnered with an agency but it saves time and in the long term money. 

Along comes 2020!

This year has been a very different year across the globe hitting companies financially and with a large number of people losing jobs and floods of redundancies across the UK. 

It definitely flips the job market around, but I think it is more important now to partner with and source help from a recruitment agency. 

With more people on the job market and the current unemployment rising has meant that one single job post advertised receives a significant volume of applications, often reaching the 100-plus mark. 

The Reality: 

This all sounds great but having a large volume of applications does not necessarily mean they are skilled and experienced in the area you are recruiting in and can often make the recruitment process harder and more time consuming. 

Let’s face it, do companies really have the time to sift through hundreds of applications carefully, reading through CVs and applications and ensuring each candidate is responded to respectively. 

It is time consuming and not cost effective to the business, not only that you want to ensure that during this pandemic or post pandemic world that you are finding the best talent to grow with your organisation. 

This is where we can assist, we take out all that time and stress when it comes to recruitment from managing the whole process for you. 

We can assist with the following:

  • Assisting with writing of job descriptions, bench marking salaries and general advice on the role. 
  • Full job advertisement across a wide range of job boards and social media channels
  • Short listing of candidates
  • Responding to unsuccessful candidates 
  • We pre-screen and interview all candidates prior to submission
  • Arranging interviews
  • Support throughout the whole offer staff along with handling rejections
  • Further support following a candidate starting. 

If you would like some advice on your recruitment campaign or want to find out more about working for an agency, then please get in touch as we would be delighted to discuss with you.