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Christmas Marketing

Christmas marketing guide from Direct Response Employment

Festive season is here – whether you like it or not, everyone’s getting excited and we are all looking forward to the Christmas Day. The run-up to Christmas is the perfect opportunity to win your recruitment brand some extra attention by building a positive brand image that helps you stand out from the crowd.

We have put together 3 tips that will help you promote your recruitment brand during the festive season.

  1. Be active on social media.December is a busy month for many people and social media is a great example to prove this. With social media users organising events, putting photos of Christmas bakes, shopping and Christmas trees, it can be a real battle to get any engagement on content. If you want to be noticed it’s important to choose a recruitment-related Christmas topic that you can regularly post on social media. For example, Advent countdowns always tend to go down well, as these also function as a countdown to getting some much needed time off! However, the important thing here is to make sure you remain relevant and valuable to your users with what you share.Another good idea is to share photos of different events going on within the company such as Christmas Jumper Day, Christmas party or you delivering gifts to clients. This will all boost your chances of reaching a wider pool of people on social media and will show you’re being engaging and positive during this time of the year.  
  2. Website and emails.A good idea could be to update your logo with a Christmassy image on your website and social media. It doesn’t need to be a complex design, you can simply add Santa’s hat, as this small addition will be enough to make everyone notice you’re in the festive spirit!When writing Christmas emails, why not go for a festive email signature instead of the same and old one? This unique idea will spread the festive cheer with every email you send. 
  3. Gifts for clients.

Sending or giving Christmas gifts to clients is always going to be great for your company brand, as who doesn’t like to know they’re appreciated? The more original you can be with this the better, but only go as far with this as makes sense. It’s never a good idea to go overboard resource-wise, and make sure you choose carefully, when deciding what to send them!

Start using Christmas to promote your recruitment brand now, and your company will be off to an excellent start come the New Year – when being visible to candidates really matters. Embracing the festivities will not only help you stand out as a recruitment brand with personality, but you’ll have a lot of fun with it too!