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Video Recruitment – Exciting Announcement

Direct Response are EXCITED to announce that we are launching a new video recruitment software service as part of our commitment to providing the best recruitment solutions for our candidates and clients.

☑️ Personalised and Engaging job adverts through video.
☑️ Personable Touch – CVs are great for listing a candidate’s skill set and experience but sometimes its more about the person than what’s written on paper which is why our Video CV tool is a great way for clients to really get to know candidates better.
☑️ Live 2-way interviews – We can record 2 way interviews with candidates which we can record, save and clients can view.
☑️ Solo, One-Way Interviews – Solos are a great way to get to know the candidates in the first initial stages of your recruitment process. Clients will be able to add questions to a pre-recorded first stage interview that candidates can complete in their own time which is then submitted back to the client.
☑️ Boosting your company brand.

Want to find out more then give us a call on 01225 776500.