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Agency Worker Regulations

What are Agency Regulations  How Can They Help You?

All recruitment agencies must abide to two key regulations, these being the Employment Agencies Act 1973 and  Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003. The agency regulations were put in place to ensure the rights of agency workers and to prevent agencies from exploiting their workers in the jobs they carry out

 Important Agency Regulation – Candidates Cannot be Charged  

The following points are included in the Employment Agencies act but here is a summary of some of what these agency regulations are and how they help. As an agency it is illegal to charge job seekers for being a candidate.

 Important Agency Regulation – Written Contract 

When it comes to an agency hiring a worker, the worker must be provided with a Key Information Document. This document includes important details such as pay, holiday leave, legally required deductions (such as Statutory deductions (Tax and National insurance) and also whether they are under contract for services or a contract of employment. This is just a verification for the Agency and worker to make the engagement official and have all the important details noted on a Key Information Document which helps both parties.

Important Agency Regulation- Worker’s Suitability

Agencies are legally obligated to assess the suitability of a candidate for a particular job role. This benefits job seekers as agencies should never expect you to do a job that you are not suitable for.

Important Agency Regulation – Workers Must Be Paid 

The Agency shall pay the Agency worker for all hours worked regardless of whether the Agency has received payment from the client for those hours.