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Remote Working – Top 3 motivational tips.

3 Top Tips to keep you motivated whilst working remotely! 

With most employees over the past few weeks having to work from home, it has certainly seen a lot of changes in the way we work, interaction with colleagues, clients and customers and the change in how a company has had to operate. 

In this difficult time, not having our normal routine of getting up and going to the workplace can leave us a bit out of sorts and de-motivated so we have come up with some tips to keep you positive and motivated through these unusual times. 

Having your own workspace at home: 

As easy as it may be to go sit on the sofa with your laptop and attempt to work while the TV is on, it can be highly distractive and often cause a lot of employees to be less motivated. 

If you are able to try and set up your own office space whether this is in a spare room, a corner of the kitchen table or somewhere quiet in your household, then do it. 

It may be simple but having somewhere where you can place your laptop, work gear, telephone etc away from where you would normally sit in the evening makes you feel more motivated, less distractive and not have that feeling that work is invading your home life. 

Keep in touch with colleagues: 

We often forget we spend a number of hours a week with our colleagues at work and its those conversations, team meetings and general support we miss whilst at home.

It’s important you keep in touch with colleagues whether this is by daily catch-ups on the phone, having a team meeting online using video chat and keeping each other involved in what you are doing day to day helps. 

With the number of digital tools we have at our fingertips, there is no reason why team meetings can’t happen, catching up with colleagues or having a good old team quiz to keep employees spirits high. 

A to-do list: 

Whilst being at home it is often hard to keep track of time and things to do like we normally would in the office, which is why it is handy to have a daily to-do list. 

Each morning set out what you need to get done for the day by writing a task or to-do list and let this support you throughout your day. This way it helps you keep on track, sets out what you want to achieve for the day and gives you satisfaction and that thought of accomplishment when completed. 

Remember it is important during these times you look after yourself and your mental wellbeing so keep in touch with colleagues, friends, and family and keep safe.