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Benefits of using an employment agency (for employers).

Recruiting new employees can be a costly and time-consuming process for many organisations; it often uses a lot of time and resources, but doesn’t offer any guarantees. No matter what size organization, a recruitment agency can help meet the changing needs of your business by finding quality candidates and assuming a variety of staffing needs.

There are a number of reasons why an employer may decide to outsource their hiring process; we have outlined some of the main advantages below:

1. Recruiters save employer’s time.

Hiring talent into your business can be long and often stressful. Advertising and screening CVs is often the most time consuming process and can be difficult to manage, as you can only tell so much from a CV. Working with a recruitment agency will help, as this would be taken care of and only the suitable candidates will be sent for you to look at. This means you have more time to get on with your actual job and it will also give you a peace of mind that you will be receiving only the right candidates for your vacancy. 

This is a great advantage that can significantly shorten the full recruiting process. In other words, you can hire the best candidate much faster!

2. Advertising made simple.

Advertising jobs can often be a frustrating process for companies, especially due to the skills gap in the current labour market. Firstly it tends to be quite expensive, as job boards tend to charge a lot more for job posting if you are not buying in bulk. 

Secondly, just because you have advertised your job on multiple job boards doesn’t mean that you will attract the right candidates. Sometimes when employers advertise vacancies, they do not receive applications with the skills they are looking for. They are recruiting for an experienced candidate with certain skill set, but the CVs they receive simply don’t hit the mark. Often, this is down to poor marketing; the high-calibre people they need simply don’t see the advert. And if they aren’t aware of the opportunity, they can’t apply for the job.

Also, working with a recruitment agency offers you the ability to reach a huge number of highly relevant and talented candidates through their database and existing relationships.

3. Good knowledge of the market.

Any great recruitment agency will have great recruitment consultants who have in-depth knowledge of the market. Firstly they will know the current recruitment trends. This will offer you insight into what competitors are offering for similar positions ensuring you are not setting yourself up for a difficult and sometimes impossible task of attracting talent into your business. 

Secondly, any great recruitment consultant will have a solid understanding of the professions and industries they are supplying. This really helps to target the right candidates for the position and means that when a CV is put in front of you it will most of the time be a quality and highly relevant CV. 

Employers don’t need to go alone, when it comes to hiring. The benefit of a recruitment agency, such as Direct Response is that we can help businesses and organisations access the skills and experience they need, in good time, without breaking the bank. If you are currently recruiting and would like to discuss the services we offer, then please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly consultants.