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Hi Everyone!

Are you considering signing up to an employment agency but not sure where to start? These tips will make you feel more comfortable with preparing to approach a recruitment agency and successfully working with them.

Recruitment agencies offer access to a number of employers and vacancies – signing up to one could be your ticket to a job offer. As an employment agency we want everyone seeking employment using our agency to feel confident and reassured about our skills and professional approach to every individual.

  1. First is first – you need to decide what roles you are interested in. Update your CV with the most recent position and make notes on what skills you possess. 
  2. Find the right recruitment agency for you. 

Fundamentally, there are four different types of recruitment agency:

  • High street
  • Industry specialist
  • Temp
  • Executive search

Depending on your experience some of these will be more relevant to you than others. 

Do a search on different agencies in your area, check what they specialise in. Have they got any reviews on social media that can help you decide based on other’s experience?

3. Contact the right recruitment agency. Choose the agency that operates in your specialist area, and make contact with an experienced consultant. It is better to deal with specialist agencies rather than generalists, as this reduces the level of risk in your application. Introduce yourself to the consultant, explain what you are looking for and ask their advice. 

4. Working together – If an agency calls you, make sure you call back quickly or answer immediately as timing is sometimes crucial. If they arrange an interview confirm, that you have received the details and call them back straight after the interview. Give them your feedback concisely and be specific about what happened in the interview. Give them time to contact the client for feedback before you chase too hard.

This all helps to build a relationship with your recruiter and even if you don’t get offered the first role, if you do well in your interviews they will certainly put you forward to the next suitable role. If you under perform at interview or commit some of the most common faux pas (E.g arriving late, not grooming appropriately) they will think hard before including you on a shortlist again.